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‘Preterm birth is the major cause of perinatal mortality and morbidity world-wide and still tough to predict and prevent. So, when we found that something as basic as mouthwash could transformation the outcomes, we were very excited.’ Related StoriesPublic health policies targeting smokers could possibly have opposite effect, study findsStudy: Visceral fat in early pregnancy can increase threat of gestational diabetesAntibiotics haven’t any adverse outcome on kid's physical advancement, shows studyThe research was funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and The Procter & Gamble Firm. It was a controlled blind clinical study of pregnant women at 6-20 weeks gestation with periodontal disease who refused dental care and did not have obstetric infections.Sainsbury’s youth diet survey is an attempt to examine a few of the key issues surrounding diet, food and exercise for teenagers. Sainsbury’s nutritionist, Charlotte Parker says the results demonstrate that teens are struggling to comprehend what takes its balanced diet. She says combined with the presssing problem of childhood obesity in the united kingdom, it really is very clear that both teens and their families need help. Sainsbury’s has arranged a summit between teenagers, government figures and its leader Justin King to deal with issues including junk food, exercise and diet plan.