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Stuart Lindsay at the Biodesign Institute at Arizona Condition University and Dr.

Colin Nuckolls of the Columbia University Nanoscience Middle for the advancement of a innovative DNA sequencing program. The licensed systems include specialized methods for DNA foundation sensing and reading and build on a continuing collaboration between Roche’s sequencing middle of excellence, 454 Existence Sciences, and IBM to build up and commercialize a single-molecule, nanopore DNA sequencer with the capability to rapidly decode a person’s total genome for well below $1000. The licensed systems offer novel methods for reading the sequence of bases, or letters, within a DNA molecule since it is approved through a nanopore.Sanjay Pai, Chief Consultant Orthopedic Doctor Fortis Hospitals explains, ‘This new ‘custom suit knee replacement medical procedures’ enables the doctor to provide better patient advantage through an increased precision knee replacement surgery leading to a better mobility as soon as two weeks. With suitable planning and more precision in surgical process it decreases the operative time also, infection rate and makes the full life span of the implants better. Our Joint Replacement Center through its top notch expertise has become among the leading centres in the Asian Continent.