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Earlier Detection: Accelerating early diagnoses is vital to starting treatment for, and preventing, illnesses. Detection options will range from simple, inexpensive technology lab tests to complex genetic testing. Supporting systems include: Breath assessments using nanotechnology to identify diabetes and cancer, off-the-shelf fiber and video cameras optics for cancer identification, tests made of paper, lab-on-a-chip lab tests, and sensor-based at-house solutions for diagnosing rest apnea. 3. High-Tech Healing: Next-era implants and ingestibles will monitor disease improvement, dispense medications, and assist and replace malfunctioning limbs and organs. Supporting technologies include: Glucose monitoring tattoos, smart supplements that send out notifications when swallowed, an artificial pancreas for diabetics and artificial retinas for blind individuals.Phoenix Children’s Hospital abducts Diegel young ladies just days before start of clinical trial looking at their rare condition For sisters Kayla and Hannah Diegel of Phoenix, their tale begins such as this: The two girls have problems with a congenital disorder referred to as glycosylation, or CDG, a kind of mitochondrial disease which involves partial paralysis of the abdomen. There is no approved treatment because of this condition, and the girls have to eat through feeding tubes to survive just. Their full tale and a timeline of occasions is available here. But suffice it to say that, like many other instances of state-initiated kid abduction in recent years, the Diegel girls had been kidnapped by a ‘children’s medical center,’ in cases like this Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and subjected to scientific trials without their parents’ consent.