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We treated the septic pets and to our surprise we discovered a dramatic, significant impact in improving cardiac function during sepsis and improved survival prices in the mice, says Dr. Feng. We also found it helped actually if administered hours after the septic infection. This is important because the delayed treatment simulates what goes on in a clinical setting usually. The patient often has had sepsis for several hours, or a couple of days when they seek treatment. Annexin A5 is not used as a therapeutic agent currently, but its security has been tested in humans.Alarming mercury exposure It turns out the Chinese are most subjected to mercury when eating rice, clarifies Professor Larssen, in contrast to Norwegians, who ingest almost all their mercury through seafood. Methylation of mercury in character and its subsequent uptake in the food chain are the common denominators of Chinese and Norwegian mercury publicity. Inorganic mercury converts to methylmercury under certain environmental circumstances in wetlands such as for example Norway’s marshes and China’s rice areas. Methylmercury – a far more toxic substance than inorganic mercury – can be absorbed by, and accumulate in, living organisms such as rice and fish. It has long been known that methylmercury can develop in Norwegian marshes and lake sediments and become taken up by fish.