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Publishing a number of stories attacking from nutritional therapies to bioidentical hormones.

But instead, AP is definitely prefacing a lot of their health stories with this stilted now, opinionated and completely inaccurate statement attempting to trash the entire alternative medicine industry. That isn’t a news provider. That’s just a extremely opinionated smear against the only industry that provides any real solutions for lasting wellness. Understanding the association’s outright bias against natural medication, now you have to wonder about everything they publish: Are they censoring achievement stories about natural medicine? Are they collaborating with drug companies to hype up the supposed benefits of pharmaceuticals? Are they twisting stories to attempt to discredit natural medication in the thoughts of readers? I am watching both AP and Reuters very carefully for the last many years.Weight problems is a well-known contributor to type 2 diabetes, coronary disease, disability and premature loss of life. The federally funded U-M study shows obesity styles were worse for blacks and females, a bad indication for reversing racial disparities in wellness, U-M authors say. Among 20-29-year-olds, born 1976-1985, 20 % of whites were obese in comparison to 35 % of blacks in that age group. ‘What’s particularly worrisome is that weight problems trends are worse for blacks compared to whites,’ Lee says. ‘Black Americans already experience a higher burden of obesity-related illnesses and the obesity developments will likely magnify those racial disparities in health.’.

China Medical Technologies’ AUTOMAGLIA 90 analyzer and Down Syndrome Screening receive SFDA approval China Medical Technology, Inc.