Bartlesville Falcons

Big Bird Fly-In:

The Bartlesville Falcons Big Bird Fly-In is scheduled for June 18th & 19th, 2016.  Please down load a flier & spread the word!

Download Big Bird Flyer here.


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Upcoming Events...

February 20th, 2016  Indoor flying at the Church of Christ:9:30 -12 pm.

Big Bird Fly-In!  June 18th & 19th, 2016.


 Who We Are...

  • Welcome to the Bartlesville Falcons club web site.  We are diverse group of people from in and around Bartlesville, Oklahoma and have many different backgrouds and skill sets, but all have one common trait...a love for things that fly!  If you share this love or are just interested in spectating to see what the sport consists of, please contact one of the the club members or officers or just drop by our field.

    If you are interested in experiencing what its like to fly a model airplane, we give a free one-time intro flight and free flight training for new club members!  Contact one of the club officers for details.

Placebo-controlled study of apremilast in patients with moderate-to-severe plaque-type psoriasis.

All patients with irritable bowel disease presently receiving or having previously received thiopurines should guard their skin from UV radiation and receive regular dermatologic screening, regardless of their age, said Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet, MD, PhD, of University Hospital of Nancy, Henri Poincar – University, Vandoeuvre-l-s-Nancy, France, and lead author of this scholarly study. Related StoriesOvarian cancer individuals with a brief history of oral contraceptive use have better outcomesCrucial switch in single DNA base predisposes children to intense form of cancerMD Anderson research reveals why chemotherapy drugs not effective for many pancreatic cancer patientsNMSC primarily encompasses basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma , which are by far the most common cancers diagnosed in THE UNITED STATES. Continue reading

ChromoCures aneuploidy theory of cancer tumor further validated ChromoCure.

ChromoCure’s aneuploidy theory of cancer tumor further validated ChromoCure, Inc. – – The Company announces that its long-held theory of tumor, aneuploidy, in the January 15 has been further validated by a report published, 2010 problem of Cancer Research . Authors Cui, Borysova, Guadagno and Johnson, affiliated with the Division of Molecular Oncology and Analytic Microscopy Core Facility, H health . Lee Moffitt Cancer Research and Center Institute and Malignancy Biology Graduate Program, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida, figured ‘Evidence emerges for the hypothesis that the early, founding ramifications of B-Raf mutations on melanoma advancement occur through aneuploidy in the beginning, before the great things about activated B-Raf to transformed cell survival and growth can accrue.’ Related StoriesFDA grants accelerated acceptance for Tagrisso to treat patients with advanced NSCLCMeat-rich diet plan may increase kidney cancer riskStudy shows uncommon HER2 missense mutations usually do not spread breast cancer by themselves These findings, with recently announced supporting studies at the Mayo Clinic jointly, have validated the chromosomal theory of tumor further, a theory long championed by ChromoCure. Continue reading

Chemotherapy Clinical Trials Cancer clinical trials test new remedies for those who have cancer.

That is called pre-authorization or pre-approval. It is best obtained in writing prior to beginning treatment when possible. Contact the NCI’s Cancer Information Service in case you are interested in learning more about clinical trials.. Chemotherapy Clinical Trials Cancer clinical trials test new remedies for those who have cancer. These can be studies of new types of chemotherapy, other styles of treatment, or fresh methods to combine established treatments. The goal of all these medical trials is to discover better ways to help people who have cancer. Your physician or nurse may suggest you be a part of a clinical trial. Continue reading

500 medical professionals.

This recognition is just one more example of our commitment to supply the highest-quality diagnostic providers to our clients and sufferers,’ said Dr. Lawrence Hertzberg, CSI Laboratories’ Medical Director. CSI Laboratories’ cytogenetic laboratory is certainly directed by Dr. Theresa Dark brown, who has over twenty years of experience in diagnostic cytogenetics. CSI received COG authorization by showing a cytogenetic abnormality price of 73 percent on submitted pediatric severe lymphoblastic leukemia cases. This significantly exceeded the required rate of 55 percent. Furthermore to cancer cytogenetic examining, the genetics group at CSI Laboratories presents a complete menu of fluorescence in-situ hybridization assays for the analysis and monitoring of hematopoietic and solid-tumor diseases.. Continue reading

6000 people undergo coronary bypass surgery nearly.

Cognitive training really helps to significantly reduce coronary bypass postoperative complications Each year in Quebec, 6000 people undergo coronary bypass surgery nearly. Recovery is lengthy and standard of living is greatly affected, specifically because most patients encounter cognitive deficits that affect attention and memory for weeks or also months following the surgery. However, cognitive training helps to significantly reduce these postoperative problems according to a study that will be presented by Dr . Continue reading

The large number of requests garnered the interest of Amys Kitchen decision manufacturers.

Twieg also explained that Amy’s Kitchen just uses yeast extract in four of its products, and there is absolutely no hidden MSG over the product line. All substances are listed on labels plainly, NaturalNews was informed, and the spices ingredient contains just wholesome spices like sage, thyme and rosemary, not any hidden resources of MSG. Several items do use tamari, another ingredient which has a small amount of free of charge glutamate, but tamari is normally not problematic for consumers in the same way that yeast extract can be, possibly because of the process used to create tamari. Continue reading

BMS Licenses Peptidream Technology.

That collaboration premiered Oct. 15, 2010, extended last Oct then. 15. On Feb. 15 and March 15 again, PeptiDream stated it received undisclosed obligations for attaining milestones with BMS-;the latter following a identification of a lead compound. Today, PeptiDream stated, it became a member of BMS in signing another extension of 2 yrs, through October 2015, under which PeptiDream shall continue steadily to make use of PDPS for translational synthesis, selection, and screening of non-standard macrocyclic peptides for identification as potential medication applicants for BMS targets. Continue reading

Case Western Reserve awarded $0.

Case Western Reserve awarded $0 buy norethisterone .5M for study of breast cancers in older women Clinical study to be conducted from University Hospitals Case Medical CenterCynthia Owusu, MD, associate professor at Case Western Reserve University and geriatric-oncologist at University Hospitals Case Medical Center, the School’s primary affiliate, has received nearly $500,000 from Susan G. Komen For the Remedy to fund a novel three-year research aimed at improving outcomes for old women with newly-diagnosed breast cancer. Recent gains in life expectancy in conjunction with aging as a risk factor for breast cancers makes breast cancer an illness of older women. Continue reading

Accessories your lifestyle with colour contacts and you will visit a beautiful change instantly.

Coloured CONTACTS are safe so long as you take proper care while inserting and removing them and keeping them clean along with your eyes.. Coloured CONTACTS – My Lens Coloured Contact Lenses are a convenient and simple way to change up your look. Accessories your lifestyle with colour contacts and you will visit a beautiful change instantly. Normally, Coloured CONTACTS shall change the colour of both dark and light eyes. Colour Contact Lenses are available for special use or also seeing that daily disposables also. Continue reading

Case presentation A 35-year-old female was seen 8 weeks postpartum with a mole.

An enlarging mole with a globular pattern Melanomas with pigmented globules differ from moles in getting asymmetrical and having a disordered multicomponent pattern. Case presentation A 35-year-old female was seen 8 weeks postpartum with a mole, which had enlarged during her pregnancy, on her best thigh. The mole was longstanding and measured 6 mm in diameter . Dermoscopy demonstrated a pigmented nodule with an asymmetrical outline including a flat peripheral component. There were numerous irregularly shaped and sized dark brown globules that coalesced and extended focally to the border. The medical specimen showed huge irregular nests of atypical pigmented melanocytes both within the skin and underlying dermis, with a lymphocytic infiltrate . Continue reading