Bartlesville Falcons

Big Bird Fly-In:

The Bartlesville Falcons Big Bird Fly-In is scheduled for June 18th & 19th, 2016.  Please down load a flier & spread the word!

Download Big Bird Flyer here.


Find us on Facebook also!

Upcoming Events...

February 20th, 2016  Indoor flying at the Church of Christ:9:30 -12 pm.

Big Bird Fly-In!  June 18th & 19th, 2016.


 Who We Are...

  • Welcome to the Bartlesville Falcons club web site.  We are diverse group of people from in and around Bartlesville, Oklahoma and have many different backgrouds and skill sets, but all have one common trait...a love for things that fly!  If you share this love or are just interested in spectating to see what the sport consists of, please contact one of the the club members or officers or just drop by our field.

    If you are interested in experiencing what its like to fly a model airplane, we give a free one-time intro flight and free flight training for new club members!  Contact one of the club officers for details.

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