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Dieticians there say less than a cup a time might help prevent cell harm linked to cancers.

‘We are also pursuing follow-up research to further get to know how CRP causes the high blood pressure in the mice.’ The best goal of the comprehensive research is to discover how CRP interacts with molecules in the artery wall, leading to an improved knowledge of hypertension and pointing to new ways to address it, Dr. Vongpatanasin said. ‘We have uncovered a number of mechanisms that link a circulating element that rises with persistent inflammation, obesity and ageing to the regulation of blood pressure,’ said Dr.However, Kostis emphasizes that men and women react the same to antihypertensive treatment and advantage long-term from its protecting properties. In addition to following a healthy lifestyle, sticking with physician-prescribed medication to lower blood pressure and cholesterol provides been proven to reduce the chance of stroke and heart attack, and expand people's lives, says Kostis. A healthy lifestyle includes avoidance of smoking cigarettes, maintaining normal bodyweight and engaging in physical activity. Kostis adds that young adults who prevent tobacco use and follow a wholesome lifestyle with low-extra fat, low-sodium diets and regular exercise, may delay the starting point of hypertension.