Bartlesville Falcons

Christmas is coming and so is bird flu!

The farms are in a ten mile radius of each other and there is a direct hyperlink between Redgrave Park Farm and the small farms which talk about the same farming personnel. Some professionals say bird flu is not a specific risk for organic farmers and explain that the bird flu outbreak in February at a Bernard Matthews plant in Suffolk included an intensive unit, where birds are kept inside all day. In that incident the condition was thought to have been earned by imported poultry items, rather than wild birds. Turkey farming in East Anglia is usually a major market where 25 million turkeys are farmed for export and the domestic Christmas market; many of the turkeys are breeding birds. The virulent H5N1 stress of bird flu has to date killed around 300 people worldwide; it remains at present an illness of birds which is normally spread via faeces or saliva and virtually all humans who’ve contracted the disease had been in close physical connection with infected birds.Various other firsts for CHS consist of CHS TV, which is available at all CHS offices. Content provides consumers with valuable info and up-to-date news on all the programs and solutions available at CHS and problems of relevance. The newly enhanced Accessibility Services @ Accessible and CHS Customer Service E-Learning Course will also be highlighted at the AGM. ‘Barrier-free usage of information and communication, goods and solutions is what we shoot for right here at CHS and it’s really our goal to continue to provide quality solutions to culturally Deaf, oral deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people accessing our solutions and programs, ‘ says CHS President & CEO Chris Kenopic.