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CASI reports financial results for second quarter 2015 CASI Pharmaceuticals.

General and administrative expenses for the second quarter of 2015 decreased compared with the prior year, reflecting lower noncash stock-based compensation expense, partially offset by an increase in international patent related costs. As we continue to execute our clinical development plan, we expect operating expenses to appropriately increase in 2015.’ Ken K. Ren, Ph.D., CASI's Chief Executive Officer, stated, ‘We continue to make progress with our pipeline, including moving forward with our plans to initiate a Stage 2 clinical trial in the U.S. We remain committed to aggressively pursuing our scientific development milestones deeply, commercialization of products and business development possibilities.’..You may need 7 anti-diarrhea pills and seven days of rest just to recover. If your stomach are designed for the Whopper 7 Actually, there’s a more substantial question of whether the planet can: The factory creation of beef requires tremendous levels of fresh water. Based on the Water Education Base, a quarter-pound hamburger requires roughly 1,300 gallons of fresh water to create . This Home windows 7 Whopper may be estimated at five instances larger than a typical quarter pounder. Thus, if the math is performed by you, this 7-layered Whopper could be using 7,000 gallons of drinking water to create . In a world running out of refreshing water supplies , that is clearly a huge volume to plow through in one meal.