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Bruker introduces new products with scientific features for research.

Automated Fully, quantitative and qualitative NMR analysis enables Aloe vera screening in the cosmetics, natural products and pharmaceutical industries. Given the high demand for this versatile plant, the material identification, amount and quality of essential components, in both natural extract and finished items, need to be analyzed. Identification can be determined via the current presence of crucial metabolites, and freshness is assessed from degradation products. Alongside the identification and quantification of key components, it provides in-depth information on components composition and detects non-conforming material rapidly.Researchers found that men who used aspirin experienced a significantly lower risk of colorectal cancer regularly, including distal colon cancer, proximal colon rectal and cancer tumor cancer, even after managing for other risk factors. The decrease in risk was seen in both early and advanced colorectal cancers. There were 975 documented instances of colorectal cancers over 761,757 person-years, among the 47,636 eligible men. Participants who reported regular aspirin use, equal to or more than twice a week, were older, much more likely to possess smoked, used multivitamins and folate, and consumed more alcohol slightly.