Bartlesville Falcons

Bird flu in South Korea prompts culling of 17.

Based on the WHO, 206 of the 335 H5N1 world-wide confirmed human situations since 2003 have already been fatal. Experts are worried over any brand-new outbreak because they believe the H5N1 stress will ultimately mutate right into a type which spreads quickly among humans; they state the more possibilities the virus must infect a big bird population, the even more chances it provides of mutating into such an application. Containing H5N1 is very important to animal health insurance and for human health insurance and more recently, concern offers emerged that it’s not just H5N1 that should be included and monitored for factors of human public and also animal wellness.The industry says there’s no proof that scented products cause health problems. Nevertheless, toxicologist Dr. Tod Bania says he’s treated individuals who’ve reported symptoms from scented products. But, he says, ‘I wouldn’t panic. They are potential carcinogens that are in low quantities within the merchandise relatively.’ He is concerned, though, about repeated publicity over a long period, ‘particularly if you have any type of pulmonary disease, in case you have asthma.’ Faith Wertzel says she stopped using scented products 10 years ago. Her cleaning supplies today are simple – – and surprising. ‘Lemon is a great bleach!’ she says.