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Clear One Health Programs launches Natural Health Plan for Oregon residents Clear One Health Plans.

Users will pay fixed copay quantities for the services they get from the choice care provider of their choice while having the added protection of comprehensive medical protection for unexpected ailments and injuries. Any permanent resident of Oregon can apply. No referrals are required to see alternative care companies. Three different plan options are available with once a month premiums starting as low as $83 for a long time 20 and under, $95 for ages 2-29, $124 for a long time 30-39, $169 for ages 40-49, and $240 for ages 50 and over. Continue reading

Supported by technical assistance from the Pan American Health Organization.

However, with a company commitment from the general public and private sectors, it is possible to eliminate onchocerciasis , lymphatic filariasis and trachoma through the entire region, and also schistosomiasis in the Caribbean. This partnership can be a concrete example of how agencies and governments can work together to support new investments to reach control and elimination goals under President Obama’s Global Wellness Initiative. The brand new Regional Fund to be established with the amount of money raised will specifically go to attempts in Latin America and the Caribbean. Continue reading

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