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Amid Ebola scare.

Research released in the Journal of Microbiology this year 2010 found the virus is capable of living in dried blood on various surfaces such as for example plastic and glass for as long as three weeks in low temperatures environments. However, experiments discovered the virus did not survive on plastic material also, metal or glass surfaces at room temperature, which is very good news for concerned commuters since it means the virus probably wouldn’t survive on a subway car. Continue reading

They could not be sensitive enough.

A set of pictures, having a person looking progressively more fearful on a scale of 1-100, was shown to the participants. When shown the sequence of photos, anxious people were quicker to respond to worries in the subject’s encounter. They identified a encounter to be ‘fearful’ at a ranking of only 32, while non-anxious people did not describe the same face as fearful until it reached a ranking of 39. But the EEG data tells a different story, Frenkel says. Continue reading

Little is understood about how the deadly disease arises.

‘That gives us direction for tests the efficacy of medications targeted at these pathways.’.. Clinically relevant mouse model for difficult-to-treat squamous cell lung cancer Just 15 percent of patients with squamous cell lung cancer – the next most common lung cancer – survive five years earlier diagnosis. Little is understood about how the deadly disease arises, preventing development of targeted therapies that could serve as a second type of defense once regular chemotherapy regimens fail. Continue reading

Avicena receives U.

‘We have been very worked up about the leads of AL-02 for the treating ALS and so are gearing up to initiate the confirmatory Stage III early 2008.’.. Avicena receives U.S. Patent for substances to take care of Lou Gehrig’s disease Avicena Group, Inc. Provides announced that america Patent and Trademark Workplace provides granted the business U.S. Patent #7,285,573 for the usage of the business’s proprietary drug applicants for the treating amyotrophic lateral sclerosis . This patent expands the business’s existing U.S. Continue reading