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A doctor, who helped to take care of the ladies, explained that they feel ashamed about these rapes. They feel guilty, yet they will be the victims. And because of possible retribution, we are fearful about dealing with them also, because no one knows what might happen if we’re found out. But the true drama is certainly that if these females aren’t treated, they risk being infected by HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. The piece includes information about mounting international pressure for further investigation in to the military’s actions along with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s reaction . The Citizen/ reports U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has accepted the establishment of a commission to research the Guinea massacre that left 150 dead and thousands injured .Studies have established that the chance of osteoporosis is leaner for those who are active, and perform weight-bearing activities minimum 3 x per week especially. There are various ways to consist of weight-bearing exercises in the day to day routine. A few examples are walking, running, dance, weightlifting, racquet sports activities, hiking, stair climbing. Discover something that you prefer carrying out and make it a normal activity. Exercise escalates the muscle strength and capability also, which helps the people in order to avoid falls and the circumstances which result in fractures.