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Aggregate and analyse data from mobile phones.

The magazine writes, ‘Some computer scientists look forward to the day when cell phones and sensors can provide a central nervous system for the whole planet. A second Economist article describes how MIT experts are using a system called XoutTB to provide people an incentive to stick with tuberculosis treatment, which will take six months. The color transformation ‘reveals a code that a individual can send by text-message to a number which rewards him with free of charge airtime mins on his cellular phone,’ the Economist reports.The bone cells then would be coupled with a biomaterial to generate tissue similar in framework and density to that of actual bone. He cautioned, though, that stem-cell analysis is a long-term proposition. The year-lengthy fellowship provides advanced training and experience in all respects of obstetric anesthesiology including study, administration and clinical administration of both normal and high-risk patients. Fellows work with Cedars-Sinai’s obstetric anesthesiologists, who are dedicated regular to caring for pregnant patients on the Labor and Delivery floor. Fellows will spend the majority of their time on Delivery and Labor but also may undertake rotations in research, neonatal intensive treatment and in the Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine.