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According to a new report from the National Commission about Vision and Health.

Kids from low-income families lack the health care resources essential to break through the cycle of poverty, said David Rosenstein, DMS, MPH, Oregon Health & Science University professor emeritus. This lack of eyesight care is normally handicapping our most vulnerable populations. Research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention demonstrates 83 % of families earning significantly less than 200 % of the federal poverty level have kids who have not seen an attention care provider during the prior year. This must change now with regard to our children. Regarding to doctors, early recognition and treatment are essential in treating eye diseases and disorders in children and can result in better school accomplishment and general health outcomes which can lead to prevention of vision disease and developmental delays.Brain tumors in kids could be malignant or benign. Benign tumors generally grow in a single place and could be curable through medical procedures if they are located in a location where they may be removed without harming the standard tissue close to the tumor. A malignant tumor is cancerous and much more likely to grow and pass on rapidly. Cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy may be the consequence of a developmental defect or harm to the mind before or throughout a baby’s birth, or through the first couple of years of a child’s lifestyle. It affects the electric motor regions of the brain.