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According to a fresh study from researchers in Spain.

Bronchiectasis, a permanent and progressive dilation of the lung's airways, is common in COPD sufferers and is connected with longer and more intense exacerbations, more frequent bacterial colonization of the bronchial mucosa, and a greater degree of functional impairment. As COPD patients with bronchiectasis have an increased incidence of other known prognostic factors, we hypothesized that bronchiectasis itself would likewise have prognostic value, said lead author Miguel -ngel Mart-nez-Garc-a, MD, of La Fe University and Polytechnic Medical center in Valencia, Spain.Two essential properties that celulas madre gives is self-renewal and potency. Self-renewal refers to the manner where one undifferentiated cell creates another that’s undifferentiated during each cell division . This way, the body hardly ever runs out of the essential components. So long as the person is alive, the cells will divide with no limit to replenish various other cells virtually. Once the division routine begins, each fresh cell has the possibility to remain as either an unspecialized cell or they can become another kind of cell that has a more specialized function.