Bartlesville Falcons

A gathering of luminaries from the medical.

The Roundtable individuals concurred with the results of the research review as linked to cardiac health, calling for a greater range of study both in establishing the bond between creative engagement and positive changes in cardiac health, aswell further understanding the connection. The Foundation has taken care of immediately this call for action, preparing multiple pilot programs that won’t only connect individuals with the curing power of innovative engagement directly, but offer populations among which to conduct further research and evaluation.CMX001 has been developed for the treatment of smallpox infection and additional double stranded DNA virus infections that cause significant human morbidity and mortality. A secure, orally active antiviral drug to treat smallpox infection is needed to help individuals who become ill after exposure to the disease or those that cannot become vaccinated. The work can be partially funded by a $36.1 million grant awarded to the company by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Illnesses.

Altarum Institute awarded $19.6M ARRA funds to serve as lead agent in establishing M-CEITA Ann Arbor-based Altarum Institute has been awarded a grant of $19,619,990 by the U.S.